It's a good one! It all started with a small frustration with department store knit pencil skirts not being long enough for me to wear. I began searching for fabrics that were appealing to my sophisticated tastes that would compliment my shape. I also hunted for cool, fun prints that were durable enough to last. ( that was a lesson through trial and error and many skirts and washes ), because no matter how cute it was, straight rayon spandex never lasted. As they were worn by me they got attention by my friends and soon everyone started wanting one. As I made teeny tiny pencil skirts out of scraps for my then five year old daughter Tatum, everyone started wanting those too! We had our second child #taylorlenore, put a newborn skirt on her and everyone went bananas for them!. Bananas. The rest is kind of history! Shelley Bee has evolved so much and we do so many things now from custom dresses to your bridal party outfits! It's been a wild five year roller coaster ride and so much fun. There has been a lot of learning involved during the "school of hard knocks" in the wonderful life of this entreprenuer. Lessons that have proven to be invaluable to me, Shelley Bee, as a business woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I can say with my whole heart I love what I do. It is a GOOD feeling!